'Song for my Sisters'- a song she wrote for her sister Otterly but then realised it applied to all 3 of them in their own way. A song very close to her heart. 

Performing 'The Swallow & the Fisherman' at Stogumber Festival, as support for Steve Knightley.

'The Raft' from the album "Good Days" released 2013. A story of two lovers torn apart by cultural prejudice.

Supporting Jess Vincent at her 'Shine' album launch in Keynsham, 2015. Jemima is performing a new song 'Love is a Fickle Thing'

#1 track on the album 'Good Days' , Jemima performs "Hello You" at the Green Scythe Fayre 2014


Performing at Ange Hardy's launch of her album 'Lament of the Black Sheep' in 2014. Fastforward to 58.00 to hear Jemima's set.